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I  was born in Thailand. when I was young, my grandma likes to take me to Wat Pho; the famous Thai temple that teach massage and also have massage service.  My grandma had a massage and she told me to sit and watch how they massage and when I go home I can work for her.

I did not like it at the time because I was too young about 5 maybe and my grandma was too big (in my eyes).

Every day I have to massage my grandma for many years.

Now, I have to thanks her for that.

Then when I older I open a spa in Hua Hin, Thailand. I had the business for 13 years. And I have to close the shop after I knew that I won’t go back to Thailand.

So..I when am in the US, I went to massage school in Illinois, graduated in 2012  “Clinical massage therapy”

I want to share my knowledge of my Massage experience in Asian style and western combination included my Buddhist study. Let’s say that, I will share anything I know that maybe benefit to you.

I don’t want to leave this world without sharing my experience. Thank you~ you all that help my dream come true.


Update April 2023 : I’m going to have my new location in Winfield IL, the Naperville location still open and have services as usual.  Just me will work in Winfield @ Light Heart Center address 0s165  S. Church St., Winfield, IL 60190   Opening soon in May 2023 for booking with me please text to 630 815 4584

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