Lemon Detox Part 1

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The Master Cleanse Diet, also called ‘Lemon Detox’, has been around for decades. It was originally made popular by nutritionist Stanley Burroughs, a strong advocate of a natural approach to health and one of the first to promote the idea that the body has the natural ability to heal itself.

In this first part of a 3-part series about the lemon detoxification program, we will introduce you to a method that will result in great health benefits.

The results encountered with the Lemon Detox were simply extraordinary. There have been instances of problems associated with chronic disease, some of which have been suffering for years, disappeared in just 10 days.

The Lemon Detox involves drinking a lemon juice mixture that will help your body eliminate waste that has accumulated over time. There is more to it, and we will explain it in detail later on in this article, but you should know that it is a safe and effective way to achieve a balanced health. It’s also a great way to lose weight fast and a great start off point to a much healthier diet and lifestyle.

Doing the Lemon Detox can help you lose weight by eliminating internal waste. The number of pounds lost varies a lot from one person to another, but for some, the number can be huge. But the real benefits in terms of weight loss appear once you have completed the detox program. After finishing the Lemon Detox, most people find that they don’t have to force themselves to eat better; refusing unhealthy food becomes natural. In fact, processed foods high in calories will make you sick. You will suddenly crave for foods rich in nutrients, such as raw vegetables. Your appetite will also adapt, requiring less foods to feel satiated.

Why you need to detox your body?

We poison ourselves slowly. The food we eat is covered with pesticides and there are chemicals in the water we drink. In some cities, the air is so saturated with pollutants during certain days that authorities recommend staying home. Not eliminating the environmental poisons that accumulate in your body could even rob you of a couple years. It could also mean a lifetime of chronic pain, fatigue, obesity, and a plethora of other health issues. A Lemon Detox can help eliminate waste accumulated in your body. To better understand the Lemon Detox, you must first understand that it is based on detoxification.

Put simply, your body is filled with a lot of garbage that is very difficult for your system to eliminate normally. At this very moment, many people are walking with kilos of dense fecal matter piled up in their bowels. These are perfect breathing grounds for bacteria to proliferate, and if you do not eliminate this, you can slowly poison yourself. You will begin to have symptoms such as skin issues, extreme fatigue and loss of libido.

Here’s the source of this slow poisoning:

  • Processed foods
  • Sugar
  • Saturated fats and trans fats
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • No or very few raw vegetables
  • Toxins associated with alcohol, coffee and smoking
  • Not enough water

Through heavy branding and marketing, modern eating habits have evolved to become a bad combination of overly sugary, fatty and salty foods that overwhelm the body. Add too little water and the horrible life style habits that we’ve come accustomed to around the world, such nights out drinking, coffee and too little sleep, the results are disastrous. This is where the Lemon Detox comes into play. Although this may be reminiscent of something that a heavy drinker would use to unwind, it is really only about helping your body to free itself from this waste.

Following the Detox Lemon could result in the following:

  • Increase your energy levels
  • Help you to break your bad habits
  • Flush your body of harmful toxins
  • Promote weight loss through increased energy levels and a faster metabolic rate
  • Strengthen your immune system and protect you against diseases. Detoxification will reset your body.

In part 2 of this 3-part series, we will explore how to go about the Lemon Detox programme.




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Ganja, herb, smoke, weed, cannabis, marijuana… The ‘sacred pant’, as it is popularized in some circles, is used by millions of people around the world and its use is enjoying a spike in legalization in the west. Nevertheless, this plant is not without dangers. Actually more dangerous than previously suspected, its misdeeds are clearly being demonstrated… Loss of memory and neurons, increased rates of accidents, cancers, here are the five main dangers related to the consumption of this drug.

A Yahoo News/Marist poll conducted in 2017 demonstrated that approximately 35 million Americans use marijuana every month. The same study concluded that at least 78 million Americans reported having tried marijuana at some time in their lives. Altogether, 55 million US residents reported having used the substance during the past year.

The effect sought by marijuana users may be an escape from its pitfalls, but also the relaxation, euphoria and disinhibition it can provide. Weed is generally used to have a good time with friends and to chase away the dark thoughts, relax. But this sensation has a price, sometimes high, no pun intended.

Marijuana is dangerous. Heavy Cannabis consumption is associated with several dangers that can profoundly affect the health of users, even several years after stopping. A study by Northwestern medical researchers has recently demonstrated its devastating effects on the brain. Back to the top five dangers of marijuana.


It’s important to note that the health issues related to marijuana listed below are associated with its consumption via smoking:


Like any other drug, marijuana can lead to addiction. Not only can they no longer do without this drug, but the more they consume, the more they need. A state of craving with everything that comes with it, such as depression, mood swings or constant irritability, is a possible outcome among regular marijuana users.

Throat and lung cancer

Marijuana smoke has more toxic substances than cigarettes. Like tabacco, marijuana is smoked and can cause deadly cancers, particularly of the throat and the lungs.

The association between cigarette smoke and lung cancer is well-known. Studies over the past decades show that marijuana smoke has several of the same harmful substances found in tobacco. Among the dangerous chemical compounds, we find the following:

• Benzo(a)pyrene

• Benz(a)anthracene

• Nitrosamines

• Phenols

• Vinyl chlorides

• Reactive oxygen species

It’s important to note that the consumption habits of cigarettes and marijuana differ. Cigarette smokers usually smoke several times a day, often reaching several dozen cigarettes, while marijuana smokers will smoke less often. Regular marijuana might smoke between 2 and 5 cigarettes per day.

Memory loss

A study conducted by medical researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago has recently revealed the dangers of marijuana use on the brain. To complete their research, they looked at the medical records of 97 people who smoked marijuana daily for three years and started at age 16 or 17. Scientists have realized that the memory structure of the brain has shrunk in these young adults, causing memory loss, but also difficulties in processing information. These results were observed two years after the subjects had stopped using marijuana, proving that this drug has long term effects.

Marijuana causing mental illness?

In addition to memory loss, researchers at Northwestern University have observed a change in the brain structure where the memory is located. The latter collapsed inward causing a loss of neurons. According to scientists, some of these abnormalities had similarities to those observed in the brain of schizophrenics. Researchers also noted that the younger was the age of the user, the more disastrous were the effects.


We can’t discuss the ill effects of marijuana without talking about its benefits. Although there are current researches targeting the medical use of marijuana oil, there’s a consensus amongst the medical community in regards to the benefits of smoking marijuana. They are the following.

• Pain killing properties, especially for chronic resistant pain

• Anti-spasm properties, useful in cases of multiple sclerosis or even partial epilepsy

• Anti-emetic and anti-nausea properties, for patients undergoing chemotherapy or with AIDS

• Appetite stimulant, in case of severe loss of appetite or cachexia in elderly patients or patients suffering from Alzheimer’s or AIDS

• Improves sleep

• Induces a dilatation of the bronchi, but which is insufficient for the treatment of asthma

• Dilation of blood vessels that can improve symptoms of glaucoma





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